Company Unveils Groundbreaking Approach to Pre- and Post-Procedure Skincare

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – April 5, 2023 – ELEVAI LABS, INC., a science-based, data-driven aesthetic skincare company, will launch its revolutionary core technology platform, PREx™ (Precision Regenerative Exosome Technology™) from The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) Annual Meeting in Phoenix on April 13th.

Co-Founded by Dr. Jordan Plews, a Stanford-trained scientist with a background in biochemical engineering and stem cell research, ELEVAI’s trailblazing aesthetics applications are revolutionizing pre- and post-procedure skincare. PREx™, ELEVAI’s proprietary technology platform harnesses the power of exosomes—nanoparticle compartments packed with growth factors, to optimize the appearance of skin and improve the patient experience. All ELEVAI science-backed formulations feature ELEVAI Exosomes™ as the primary ingredient that mimics the elegant biological factors of nature involved in repair and recovery which supports the skin’s natural healing process.

During ASLMS, ELEVAI will lead the conversation around topical exosomes and their transformative approach to pre- and post-procedural skincare. Dr. Jordan Plews and Dr. Natalie Curcio will unveil PREx™ and its ability to transform the skincare industry while presenting new data quantifying the appearance of the reduction of redness and pigmentation in subjects’ skin at week eight and week twelve of daily topical application of ELEVAI products, obtained through the Canfield Reveal Imaging System.

The ELEVAI E-Series™ is the first-to-market topical exosome product series intentionally developed to support skin before and after energy-based procedures to optimize aesthetic outcomes and elevate the patient experience.

“This approach to skincare will revolutionize the way patients care for their skin leading up to and following in-office procedures,” added Dr. Natalie Curcio. “The ASLMS Meeting provides the perfect platform for ELEVAI to showcase its groundbreaking technology. We look forward to sharing a deeper understanding of the capacity for using exosomes pre-and post-treatment.

“Behind everything we do is the desire to provide innovative, safe, high-quality, and efficacious formulations.” shared Dr. Jordan Plews. “We are excited to unveil PREx™ at the ASLMS Meeting and share our transformative approach to topical exosome skincare. New data suggests ELEVAI’s proprietary PREx TechnologyTM helps aesthetic providers deliver improved results for patients, contributing towards reduced recovery time and improved outcomes.”


ELEVAI LABS, INC. is a medical aesthetic biotechnology company developing cutting-edge physician-dispensed skincare applications. The company solves the unmet needs in the aesthetic skincare space through a combination of cutting-edge science and next-generation consumer applications. ELEVAI Labs develops state-of-the-art topical aesthetic skincare, with a focus on leveraging a proprietary stem cell exosome technology. Learn more about ELEVAI Skincare at www.elevaiskincare.com.

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