Co-Founder & CEO Jordan R. Plews, Ph.D. Presents Key Considerations For an Emerging New Class of Regenerative Skincare

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ELEVAI LABS, INC., a medical aesthetic biotechnology company specializing in regenerative skincare, announces its sponsorship and participation in the upcoming Global Aesthetics Conference taking place November 3-5 in Miami.

The Future of Skincare is Now

A new era is upon us when it comes to regenerative skincare. Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ELEVAI Skincare, Jordan R. Plews, Ph.D., is presenting on the proprietary ELEVAI Exosome Technology™, detailing why the exosome source is a key consideration. ELEVAI’s unique targeted approach to stem cell exosome technology continues to advance the way we think about and use topical formulations both for post-procedure and daily skincare applications.

Join ELEVAI at 3:30 PM on Thursday, November 3 for Dr. Plews’ scientific presentation along with a live microneedling demonstration to demonstrate the use of ELEVAI’s award-winning E-Series™ post-procedure exosome products. Look for “ELEVAI EXOSOME TECHNOLOGY™, A PARADIGM SHIFT IN TOPICAL POST-PROCEDURE SKINCARE” on the agenda. You will not want to miss this!

Dr. Plews is a Stanford-trained scientist with a background in biochemical engineering and stem cell research that co-founded ELEVAI to solve unmet needs in the regenerative aesthetics skincare space. His years in the field and academics have informed the innovative technology, formulations, ingredient selection, and a vertically integrated lab – all elements which are essential to ELEVAI’s efficacious and science-driven skin care product line.

While Getting Older Is Inevitable, Skin Aging Does Not Have to Be

Patent-pending ELEVAI Exosomes™ are the powerhouse ingredient in all ELEVAI products, mimicking the elegant repair processes of nature and paired with a selection of high-quality science-backed actives to provide regenerative skin health for any skin type.

“By employing ethically sourced stem cells, ELEVAI can harness the power of Human Umbilical Mesencymal Stem Cells (hUMSC), and in proprietary conditions, capture the released exosomes, and carefully filter the concentrate to produce ELEVAI exosomes,” shares Dr. Plews of the brand’s breakthrough process. The nanosize of the exosomes allows ELEVAI products to penetrate deep into the skin for repair and rejuvenation.

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ELEVAI LABS, INC. is a biotechnology company developing cutting-edge regenerative skincare applications. The company solves unmet needs in the regenerative aesthetics space through a combination of cutting-edge science and next-generation consumer applications. ELEVAI Labs develops state-of-the-art topical aesthetic and medical-grade skin care for the physician-dispensed market, with a focus on leveraging a proprietary stem cell exosome technology.

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